[Edition 10] Kinki Set

Shiga - Vermilion-lacquered Two-Plate Cuirass
Kyôto - Rokuon-ji (Kinkaku-ji)
Osaka - Ôsaka Castle's Sachi-hoko tile
Hyôgo - Ebisu-sama (Nishinomiya Shrine)
Nara - Yakushi-ji's Eastern Pagoda
Wakayama - Yatagarasu Raven

Special limited edition - Higashi-yama Jishô-ji (Kinkaku-ji)

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« Edition 10 » Set Kinki


- 7 cards

Card size: 17cm x 13,3cm

Cards included in the set:

Shiga - Vermilion-lacquered Two-Plate Cuirass 滋賀県【朱漆塗仏二枚胴具足】
Kyôto - Rokuon-ji (Kinkaku-ji) 京都府【鹿苑寺〈金閣寺〉】
Osaka - Ôsaka Castle's Sachi-hoko tile 大阪府【大阪城鯱瓦】
Hyôgo - Ebisu-sama (Nishinomiya Shrine) 兵庫県 【えびす様〈西宮神社〉】
Nara - Yakushi-ji's Eastern Pagoda 奈良県【薬師寺 東塔】
Wakayama - Yatagarasu Raven・ 和歌山県【八咫烏〈熊野本宮大社〉】

No mini cards are included in the set.
In addition to the Edition 10 cards, there's one limited card included:

Special limited edition - Higashi-yama Jishô-ji (Kinkaku-ji) 近畿エリア限定カード【東山慈照寺<銀閣寺>】


The postcards measures 17cm x 13,3cm (6.69 inches x 5.23 inches), but note that they’re not perfect rectangles, but round instead.

All the postcards are blank, waiting to receive your personalized written message. They’re all protected by a plastic sachet.

All the postcards are made in Japan.


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