About us

Hey there!

Thanks so much for visiting my website.

My name is Marine, I'm French currently living in Kobe, Japan.

I'm very proud to present my website to you "Let’s Gotochi", which is a project that's near and dear to my heart, born from the passion I have for Japan and for postcards.

In 2013, I subscribed to a website called Postcrossing, thanks to which anybody can receive postcards from all over the world, (almost) for free.

That's when I started to send and receive postcards from random people that I had my first encounter with the Japanese Gotochi Cards.

When you think about "postcard", I bet you imagine rectangular, banal with pretty simple design postcard, right?

But Gotochi Cards are colorful, terribly cute, easy to understand what they depict, quite big and have an original design. Because there's an explanation of what the postcards depict, they're instructive too! I couldn't resist their charm and started to collect them!

At this time, Gotochi Cards weren't sold on the internet, but could only be bought in Japan or received through exchanges. And because they're region-limited, they're very much appreciated and popular among postcard collectors and Japan culture amateurs.

As my collection grew, I was animated by two desires:

  • let people know about the Gotochi Card, not just foreign people but also let Japanese people know about it
  • let people know about all the great and traditional aspects of Japan, about the delicious and regional food, about Japanese History and literature, about the beautiful, the modern or the hidden places of Japan.

It's with this enthusiasm that I'm starting my website and want to share my passion with you, and hope to send a piece of travel, a piece of Japan to you.