I would like to send a Gotochi Card, should I put it in an envelope?

If you send from Japan to Japan, no envelope is needed.

If you send it from Japan to a foreign country, you have to put it in an envelope. If you go to a post office, the employee will probably ask you to use an envelope, but if you put stamps and post it in a mailbox by yourself, your card will surely arrive safe and sound.

If you send from another country, rules about sending shaped cards change according to the country you are in. Please, ask a post office employee.

Be aware that without an envelope the cards might be damaged during the transport and the delivery.

Are the cards sent with or without their original plastic sachet?

All the cards are sold with their original plastic sachet.

I would like to buy some mini Gotochi Cards, is it possible?

Unfortunately, mini Gotochi Cards aren't in sale in Japan, nor on our website. You can receive one from us when you buy 7 Gotochi Cards (you will receive two mini cards when you buy 14 cards at the same time). If you're looking for a specific mini Card, you can still send us a message. We might be able to send it if we still have some stock.

I would like to make a gift, is it possible?

Yes, it is! We propose a very simple wrapping (free of charge) and other types of wrapping. We also propose different types of wrapping according to the season :

  • cherry blossom/sakura
  • Halloween
  • Christmas and New Year

If you'd like your order to be partially wrapped, feel free to contact us.

I have a question about the coronavirus.

Please, refer to this page: INFORMATION ABOUT CORONAVIRUS

I have a question about the customs/VAT.

Please, refer to this page: INFORMATION ABOUT VAT

Can you send my order as a gift?

We are truly sorry, it is illegal to send an order as a gift.

Why has the delivery charge for small packets increased?

Because of the expansion of e-commerce, the volume of small packets and other mail-containing goods has increased all over the world. However, in major countries like the United States, the delivery charge determined by the previous convention was not sufficient to cover delivery costs. At the Extraordinary Congress of the UPU in 2019, the overall delivery charge for small packets was then increased.