Partial Revision of International Postage Rates

(updated on 2021 April 1st)

The delivery charges for international mail paid from the sender's country to the recipient's country had been set rather low by the UPU convention, considering the circumstances of developing countries. However, an amendment was adopted that allows the charges, especially for small packets, to be increased significantly in order to enable countries like the United States to cover their delivery costs.

Japan Post had kept the international postal charges at the same level since revising their postal rates in March 1996. However, to ensure a stable international postal service, they decided to revise some international postal charges.

We have modified the amount of the shipping fees accordingly. Thank you for your comprehension.

Why was the delivery charge for small packets increased?

Because of the expansion of e-commerce, the volume of small packets and other mail-containing goods has increased all over the world. However, in major countries like the United States, the delivery charge determined by the previous convention was not sufficient to cover delivery costs. At the Extraordinary Congress of the UPU in 2019, the overall delivery charge for small packets was then increased.

Why is there a large increase in postage rates for lightweight items but a small increase for medium-weight and heavy items?

The delivery charge is calculated on the basis of both the “postage rate per kg” and the “postage rate per item”. The amendment of the convention in 2019 increased the “postage rate per item” significantly, so the rate for lightweight items will increase much more than that for medium-weight or heavy items.

Partial Revision of International Postage Rates

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